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DiRT 2

DiRT 2 Art
Gamerscore960 / 1000
Achievements46 / 47
Started11/09/2009 - 4,765d ago
Time Tracked76h 9m
Last Online19/01/2020
PlatformXbox 360
Times Played5
Streak1 / 5


Dedication - 80
You've won it all! Off the hook!
Unlocked 08/09/2012
Famous - 20
You're getting noticed in the online world of DiRT 2. You've made it to Level 15.
Unlocked 05/09/2012
Rush Hour - 10
You beat the rush-hour gridlock and took the win!
Unlocked 05/09/2012
Mix It Up! - 15
You've mixed it up cocktail style and played in every discipline over Xbox LIVE.
Unlocked 31/08/2012
Five Of Your Best - 15
You're once, twice, five times a winner!
Unlocked 31/08/2012
You're The Best, Around! - 20
You've won the grand slam by winning at every track in the game.
Unlocked 30/08/2012
The Full Set - 30
That's quite a collection of vehicles you've driven.
Unlocked 30/08/2012
World Tour Winner - 50
World domination. You've won all the World Tour Events.
Unlocked 29/08/2012
Tourney - 20
You've posted a result in four tournaments.
Unlocked 28/08/2012
For Colin - 75
You've won the Colin McRae Challenge Event.
Unlocked 27/08/2012
In His Footsteps - 25
You followed in Colin's footsteps and won 25 rallies.
Unlocked 27/08/2012
Just Drive! - 15
You drove 100 miles (161 kilometres) without unlocking any other achievement.
Unlocked 30/01/2012
I like a Challenge - 20
The dirty dozen! You've won twelve Throwdowns.
Unlocked 21/01/2012
With Great Honor - 15
You've proved yourself as a true sportsman and achieved a 'cautious' impact rating.
Unlocked 21/01/2012
I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost! - 10
Ghostbusted! You downloaded and beat a ghost!
Unlocked 31/12/2011
Keep It Clean! - 20
This game has damage? You won a race without crashing!
Unlocked 31/12/2011
Mirra Image - 15
You've beaten the Miracle Boy in a Throwdown.
Unlocked 31/12/2011
Whose Backyard? - 15
You've beaten the Wonderboy in a Throwdown.
Unlocked 31/12/2011
That All You Got? - 15
You beat a Superstar's time in a Timed Throwdown.
Unlocked 31/12/2011
Block Party - 15
You're a Blockbuster. You've beaten Ken in a Throwdown.
Unlocked 31/12/2011
Terminated! - 15
That's gotta hurt! You took terminal damage at over 140mph (225km/h).
Unlocked 31/12/2011
On The Bubble - 15
You scraped through every cut but still won a Last Man Standing race.
Unlocked 31/12/2011
Two Cups One Girl - 10
You won two team events with a female team-mate!
Unlocked 31/12/2011
Dialled In - 5
You dialled that setup in and won the race!
Unlocked 31/12/2011
Gate Crashed! - 10
Every gate! That's sick! You hit every gate in a Gatecrasher event.
Unlocked 19/11/2009
As Good As It Gets - 30
You've reached the pinnacle of your career! You've reached Level 30.
Unlocked 13/10/2009
Piece Of Cake - 10
One challenge down! You've won a Throwdown.
Unlocked 18/09/2009
Showboating - 20
You amped up the crowd with that celebration!
Unlocked 18/09/2009
X Games Champ! - 50
Awesome all the way! You've won all the X Games events!
Unlocked 18/09/2009
X Games America Champ - 30
Rad! You've won X Games America.
Unlocked 18/09/2009
X Games Asia Champ - 25
Banzai! You've won X Games Asia.
Unlocked 17/09/2009
Aren't You Popular! - 15
You're pretty popular! You're true friends with four superstars.
Unlocked 17/09/2009
All-Star - 25
You're an All-Star driver now!
Unlocked 16/09/2009
Jet Setter - 15
You've raced in every location. You'll need a new passport soon!
Unlocked 15/09/2009
Getting A Reputation - 15
You're getting a reputation out there. You've reached Level 15.
Unlocked 13/09/2009
Friends For Life - 10
You became true friends with a superstar!
Unlocked 13/09/2009
Gut It Out! - 10
It’s the result that counts! You won an event without winning a single race.
Unlocked 13/09/2009
Pro - 15
You've proved yourself in the Pro division. Now take it to the next level.
Unlocked 12/09/2009
Head Over Wheels - 10
That's some hard charging! You rolled your vehicle but still won the race.
Unlocked 12/09/2009
Big Bucks! - 25
Money! You've earned those Big Bucks!
Unlocked 12/09/2009
X Games Europe Champ - 20
Blimey! You've won X Games Europe.
Unlocked 11/09/2009
Gnarly! - 15
Flashy finish! You crossed the finish line with no more than two wheels touching the ground!
Unlocked 11/09/2009
Rookie Coming Through! - 10
You gotta start somewhere. You've raced in your first DiRT Tour race.
Unlocked 11/09/2009
Nailed an Event - 10
You've won an event. Now it's time to take on the world.
Unlocked 11/09/2009
Dominated! - 15
That was domination! You got maximum points in a domination event.
Unlocked Offline
Best Friends Forever! - 30
You’re a real crowd pleaser. You're true friends with all the superstars.
Unlocked Offline
Notorious - 40
You've made it to Online Fame Level 30. Respect due!

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