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My Achievements (5,230)

if in doubt, flat out!
hold the accelerator for 60 seconds
23/01/2024 30 G
the artist
go through the paint booth
23/01/2024 10 G
car wash
go through the car wash
23/01/2024 10 G
win your first season
17/01/2024 10 G
get terminal damage
17/01/2024 25 G
good drivers have dead flies
spend 5 minutes sliding
17/01/2024 10 G
keep it tidy
complete a stage without damaging the car
16/01/2024 10 G
in like a lamb, out like a lion
complete a daily event
16/01/2024 20 G
medium attack
reach 150 km/h
16/01/2024 15 G
light attack
reach 100 km/h
16/01/2024 10 G
Snow Specialist
Drove 100 Miles (160km) on Snow.
30/11/2023 35 G
Rookie Season
Completed your first career season.
19/11/2023 30 G
World Rally Champion!
Won a WRC Championship in Career mode.
19/11/2023 50 G
Ghost Buster
Downloaded and beat a Ghost in Time Trial.
12/11/2023 35 G
Master Vehicle Builder
Built 5 cars in the Builder.
12/11/2023 35 G
Algarve it a go!
Won a stage at Vodafone Rally de Portugal that you started with heavy engine damage.
11/11/2023 40 G
Gravel Guru
Drove 100 Miles (160km) on Gravel/Dirt.
11/11/2023 35 G
Personalised Podium
Finished on the Podium of a Custom Championship, in a Builder car, with a custom livery.
11/11/2023 50 G
Vehicle Builder
Built your first Builder car.
05/11/2023 20 G
Gold Rush
Achieved 5 Gold medals in Moments.
05/11/2023 50 G
Keepin it real
Completed 5 Moments.
05/11/2023 40 G
Driver's Alliance
Competed in a Clubs event at any location.
05/11/2023 40 G
Asphalt Artist
Drove 100 miles (160km) on Asphalt.
05/11/2023 35 G
Consistency is key
Finished on the podium of every event in a Championship Mode season.
05/11/2023 50 G
Class Act
Completed at least one stage using a vehicle from the WRC, WRC2, and Junior WRC Vehicle Classes.
03/11/2023 45 G
Completed a Quick Play Online event in Rally Estonia.
03/11/2023 40 G
Beat a Personal Best time in Time Trial.
02/11/2023 25 G
In the Headlights
Finished on the podium of an event at Rallye Monte-Carlo in a MINI Cooper S.
01/11/2023 40 G
Regularity Renaissance
Won a Regularity Rally event at Rally Italia Sardegna in the Lancia Stratos.
01/11/2023 40 G
El Matador
Won an event at Rally Iberia in the SUBARU Impreza 1995.
01/11/2023 40 G
Miracle in the Mountains
Finished an event in Guanajuato Rally Mexico without severe mechanical damage.
01/11/2023 40 G
Won an event at Rally Sweden in the Citroën Xsara WRC.
01/11/2023 40 G
Perfect Score
Completed a regularity rally stage with 0 penalty points.
01/11/2023 40 G
Team Principal
Created your own team in Career Mode.
01/11/2023 25 G
Your first time?
Completed your first lesson in the Rally School.
31/10/2023 30 G
Safety Star
Held an S Safety Rating across 5 consecutive Featured Multiplayer events
30/10/2023 20 G
Amateur Rival
Beat 5 Rivals
17/10/2023 15 G
Completed 300 laps in Multiplayer
17/10/2023 30 G
Pole Position
Posted the best Qualifying Lap Time in a Featured Multiplayer event
17/10/2023 20 G
Gained at least 12 positions in any Multiplayer race
16/10/2023 30 G
Endurance Legacy
Completed a race in the 2021 Porsche 911 GT3 on Kyalami Grand Prix
15/10/2023 15 G
American Challenger
Completed a race in the 2023 Cadillac Cadillac Racing V-Series.R on the Le Mans Full Circuit
15/10/2023 15 G
Competed on Hakone Club with the 2020 Toyota GR Supra
15/10/2023 15 G
When in Rome…
Completed a race in the 2020 Ferrari Roma on the Mugello Full Circuit
15/10/2023 15 G
Time Traveler
Won a Timed Race in Free Play
15/10/2023 10 G
Free as a Bird
Completed a race in the 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455 on the Eaglerock Club Circuit
15/10/2023 15 G
Rain or Shine
Created and completed a race in the rain in Free Play
15/10/2023 10 G
Completed a Quick Race in Free Play
15/10/2023 10 G
Leisure Cruise
Completed a lap at sunset at Spa Francorchamps
15/10/2023 10 G
Pride and Joy
Reached Car Level 50 in any car
15/10/2023 15 G

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