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My Achievements (5,064)

Fly 40 missions
21/02/2022 50 G
Grand Slam
Destroy a target using the Grand Slam bomb
21/02/2022 20 G
Fully level up a crew member
20/02/2022 10 G
Double Qualified
Fully level up a crew member in two skills
20/02/2022 10 G
One Engine
Land at the airbase with only one working engine
20/02/2022 20 G
Ace of Aces
Defeat all Enemy Aces (in one campaign)
20/02/2022 100 G
Tour Of Duty
Have one of your crew survive 30 missions
05/02/2022 90 G
V1 Destroyer
Shoot down a V1 Rocket
05/02/2022 20 G
Running On Fumes
Complete a mission and land at the airbase with less than 5% fuel remaining
05/02/2022 30 G
Min, Meet Max
Complete all Events in a Festival Playlist Series
02/02/2022 20 G
Fifty Fighters Five Times
Destroy 250 enemy fighters
30/01/2022 50 G
Fly 25 missions
30/01/2022 25 G
Four of a kind
Defeat 4 Enemy Aces (in one campaign)
30/01/2022 50 G
Focused Four
Use 'focus' on all 4 gunner stations at once (Main Campaign)
30/01/2022 20 G
Seven Survive Seven
Complete 7 missions with the same full crew surviving
29/01/2022 90 G
Twenty Targets
Destroy 20 enemy targets
29/01/2022 25 G
Fly 10 missions
29/01/2022 10 G
Fifty Fighters
Destroy 50 enemy fighters
29/01/2022 10 G
Sinking Feeling
Sink 5 Submarines
29/01/2022 20 G
Seven Survive Success
Complete a successful mission with the full crew surviving
29/01/2022 50 G
Ace in the Hole
Defeat an Enemy Ace
29/01/2022 25 G
Ace Encounter
Encounter an Enemy Ace
29/01/2022 10 G
Mission Success
Return to the airbase having successfully completed a mission
29/01/2022 20 G
Winging it
Repair an engine mid-flight
29/01/2022 10 G
Take a photo of an intel site
29/01/2022 10 G
Target Destroyed
Destroy an enemy target
29/01/2022 25 G
Bomber Crew
Complete the first mission
29/01/2022 10 G
Gotta Smash 'Em All
Complete 5 Seasonal Smashables Challenges
20/01/2022 10 G
Fit to Print
Take 50 photos of Legendary cars for Horizon Promo
31/12/2021 30 G
Purchase all 7 Player Houses
30/12/2021 30 G
Cover to Cover
Earn 3 stars on all chapters in a single Horizon Story
29/12/2021 20 G
How to Race Friends and Influence People
Earn 3 stars in the 'Tristan' Chapter of the 'Born Fast' Horizon Story
29/12/2021 10 G
You Could Say I'm a Fan
Earn a Manufacturer Bonus for a collection of 25 or more cars 
29/12/2021 30 G
Living Legend
Earn 294 stars from PR Stunts in Mexico
29/12/2021 50 G
Ford of the Wings 
Earn 3 Stars at the Eagle's Perch Danger Sign in a Ford Supervan 3
28/12/2021 20 G
Complete Collection
Find and smash all 250 Bonus Boards in Mexico
28/12/2021 30 G
Front Runner
Finish 5 Horizon Tour Race Events ahead of all Drivatars
27/12/2021 20 G
Water Performance
Earn 3 stars at the Puerta Pétrea and La Marisma Trailblazers within 3 minutes 30 seconds
21/12/2021 20 G
I Have the High Ground 
Win 3 Rivals Events in 3 different PI Classes while driving the same car
21/12/2021 30 G
Unlimited Prowess!
Complete Round Three in all 5 Themes of Horizon Arcade
20/12/2021 20 G
A Royal Affair
At sunrise, take a photo of your car with some monarch butterflies at Hotel Mirador Balderrama
19/12/2021 10 G
Putting on a Show
Win every Showcase Event
17/12/2021 20 G
Ride and Seek 
Discover and drive every road in Mexico
17/12/2021 20 G
Racing and Pacing and Plotting the Course
Win 80 different Race Events in Mexico
13/12/2021 50 G
Better Than New 
Restore 14 Barn Finds in Mexico
13/12/2021 20 G
Treasure Hunter
Find all of the Treasure Chests in a Series
06/12/2021 20 G
Fully complete a run of Super7
27/11/2021 20 G
Seasoned Veteran
Complete a Festival Playlist activity in every season
27/11/2021 50 G
Hall of Famer
Reach the Horizon Hall of Fame
19/11/2021 50 G
Adrenaline Rush
Build the Horizon Rush outpost
18/11/2021 10 G