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Microsoft Solitaire

Microsoft Solitaire Art
Gamerscore40 / 200
Achievements3 / 20
Started02/10/2012 - 3,649d ago
Time Tracked54m
Last Online22/02/2015
PlatformWin 8
Times Played0
Streak2 / 2


First One's Free - 10
Flipped over your first card
Unlocked Offline
Well Played - 10
Won your first game of Solitaire
Unlocked Offline
Jack of All Trades - 20
Played at least 1 game Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid
Unlocked Offline
Flipping Out - 10
Flipped Over 10,000 Cards
Came To Play - 5
Played your first Daily Challenge
Came To Win - 5
Won your first Daily Challenge
Gimme Five! - 5
Played the Daily Challenge 5 days in a row
Marathon - 10
Came back each day of an entire month and completed at least one Daily Challenge
All Decked Out - 5
Created and Saved A Theme
King Of The Hill - 10
Won 100 games of Klondike, Spider, or FreeCell
Good To Be King - 5
Played a game of TriPeaks and Pyramid in which a King was the last card you removed to clear a board
Classic Speed Run - 10
Your fastest win times in Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell add up 10 minutes or less
“Board” Yet? - 5
Cleared 100 Boards from TriPeaks or Pyramid
Go for the Bronze - 10
Won 12 bronze Daily Challenge badges
Go for the Silver - 15
Won 10 silver Daily Challenge badges
Go for the Gold - 25
Won 8 gold Daily Challenge badges
Diamonds are Forever - 10
Won a diamond Daily Challenge badge
Strive for Perfection - 10
Completed every Daily Challenge in a month
Become a Star - 10
Completed an entire pack of challenges in the Star Club
Become a Superstar - 10
Completed an entire collection of challenges in the Star Club

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