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Adera Art
Gamerscore260 / 800
Achievements23 / 66
Started21/04/2013 - 3,447d ago
Time Tracked1h 41m
Last Online15/03/2020
PlatformWin 8
Times Played0
Streak1 / 2


It's Not Just a Toy - 5
Found a use for the kaleidoscope.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
The Glow - 15
Poured the glowing mixture into the base of the sundial.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Casual Collector - 10
Found more than half of the hidden collectibles in Episode Two.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Memories of Amaro - 15
Observed a childhood memory of Jane and her grandfather, Amaro.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Why Did It Have to Be Bees? - 15
Chased away the bees and entered the mysterious Aderan city.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Across the Chasm - 20
Ventured across a deep gorge on a rickety rope bridge.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Aderan Paragon - 20
Completed all of Episode One without using the Hint Button.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Focused Mind - 15
Solved all the minigames in Episode One without skipping.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Quetzal Aflame - 15
Unveiled a shimmering path leading to a hidden city.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Attention to Detail - 20
Gathered all the collectibles in Episode One.
Unlocked 27/04/2014
Gimme a Hint - 5
Used the Hint Button five times.
Unlocked 14/08/2013
Zealot Collector - 10
Gathered 30 collectibles in Episode One.
Unlocked 23/04/2013
Ritual Chamber - 15
Entered the hidden valley of Adera by way of a secret chamber.
Unlocked 23/04/2013
Mad Tapper - 5
Received the rapid-tap warning in a Hidden Object scene three times.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
Amateur Collector - 5
Gathered five collectibles in Episode One.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
Canyon Pass - 10
Opened the Ceremonial Gates of Adera.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
A Helping Hand - 15
You showed your friends what you were doing in Adera by using the Share charm.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
Orb Heirloom - 10
Acquired the Orb from your father, James Sinclaire.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
Lifesaver - 10
Revived Hawk after the chopper crash.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
This Way, That Way - 5
Traveled back and forth between the same two scenes four times in 30 seconds.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
Keen-Eyed Sleuth - 10
Completed a Hidden Object scene without using the Hint Button.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
First Find - 5
Gathered your first collectible.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
Dear Diary - 5
Used the Journal.
Unlocked 21/04/2013
Trials and Tribulations - 20
Completed the Aderan trials of strength, intelligence, and faith.
The Life Cycle - 20
Properly placed the missing items on six statues.
So Close - 15
Arrived at the tower where Jane believes Amaro is located.
Date with Destiny - 25
Had an audience with the Elders.
Page Flipper - 5
Revisited each page of the Journal.
Missed It by That Much - 10
Built the tower of stones on the far-right platform in the strength trial.
Patience Is a Virtue - 10
Completed Episode Two without receiving a rapid-tap warning.
Master Puzzler - 10
Completed Episode Two using the Hint Button no more than five times.
Hidden Object Master - 10
Found every item in a Hidden Object scene in under 30 seconds.
Catalog of Wonders - 15
Found all 45 hidden collectibles in Episode Two.
Escape Artist - 15
Fashioned a crude rope and escaped through a crack in the floor.
Snake Charmer - 10
Chased snakes away from the clogged water channel.
Surface Dweller - 15
Escaped the Aderan underground and made it back to the surface.
Pulse Perfection - 10
Missed no more than three taps while shifting the boulder in the cave pool.
Steam Punk - 15
Obscured the stone mask's vision in the bath house.
Glyph Master - 25
Used the key glyphs to open the door to Amaro's Tower.
Aderan Intuition - 10
Completed Episode 3: Escape Into Light without using a single hint.
The Tower - 20
Found your way into Amaro's tower.
Bookworm - 15
Entered Amaro's hidden library.
Invisible Reader - 15
Revealed the contents of the secret note inside Amaro's library.
We Have Liftoff - 30
Built Amaro's flying machine and escaped the tower.
Master Cartographer - 10
Found all landmarks through the observatory telescope in under two minutes.
Master Astronomer - 10
Lined up all the planets in the celestial observatory in 15 moves or less.
Thanks for Flying Adera Airlines - 10
Made a successful emergency landing in your glider.
Home Away From Home - 10
Discovered Amaro's secret workshop behind the waterfall.
The Plot Thickens - 10
Discovered the encapsulation cocoon in Amaro's testing chamber.
Knight Champion - 10
Completed the Knight's Tour chess puzzle in Amaro's cave without undoing a single move.
I've Seen This Symbol Before... - 10
Examined seven symbols of Adera in Part 1 of the episode.
Race to the Finish - 15
Escaped the abandoned plaza and made your way into the jungle.
A Little Help From My Friends - 10
Found the Radicals' hidden camp and made your introductions.
No Node Left Behind - 5
Completed the Blue Grotto orb game without losing a single node to an orange sphere.
Tap Tap Tap - 5
Popped 20 bubbles in the Orb Shifting game within the Jungle Cavern.
Bridge Builder - 5
Completed the Vine Bridge game in only six moves.
Modern Art - 10
Repaired the glass mural and opened the path to the corrupted swamp.
Orb-Colored Glasses - 10
Unlocked the orb's ability to see through illusions and took it for a test drive.
Grandfather? Grandfather! - 15
Reunited with Amaro.
Family Moment - 5
Found the picture of Jane’s mother.
I’ve Definitely Seen This Before - 10
Examined ten symbols of Adera in Part 2 of the episode.
Balance Has Been Restored - 30
Stopped the Elders' plot and saved the Aderans from encapsulation.
True Mastery - 15
Completed Episode 5 on Trailblazer difficulty using no hints.
Fire Wire - 5
Completed the Glider Wire Puzzle and the Radicals’ Camp Wire Puzzle in less than one minute each.
Blackout - 5
Filled every available space in all three levels of the Wire Puzzle on the falling glider.
Labyrinth Leader - 5
Completed the Maze Puzzle in the Great Hall with only 10 maze rotations.

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